Magic Leap Quick Hits: Field of view is 45% bigger than Hololens

We have gone from a dearth of information to a glut of it. The new magic leap documentation has revealed pretty much everything there is to know about Magic Leap and it is too much for this poor blog to keep up with. I'm going to be writing some quick hits. Small stories that pin point particularly interesting features that can be found in the Magic Leap documentation.

Hiding in (almost) plain sight, Next Reality discovered that information about the Magic Leap FOV is in the developer docs as commented out sections of the source code. It lists the FOV as approximately 45% larger than the FOV of the Hololens. Thanks to reddit Ph0t0nFr3ak and Doc¬†_Ok for creating an approximate image to get an idea of what this increase will mean. 


Give this increase in addition to the Magic Leap One constraining the view of the real world and other tricks Magic Leap lays out in the developer documentation, I suspect the FOV is going to be a significantly smaller issue than it is on the Hololens. 

That said there is a ways to go before we have a perfect FOV. It will be interesting to see the technology progress and FOV increase in future iterations.