Magic Leap Quick Hits: There will be only one App Store

We have gone from a dearth of information to a glut of it. The new magic leap documentation has revealed pretty much everything there is to know about Magic Leap and it is too much for this poor blog to keep up with. I'm going to be writing some quick hits. Small stories that pin point particularly interesting features that can be found in the Magic Leap documentation.

Those hoping for a more permissive application ecosystem on Magic Leap devices have been let down. According to the docs (login required):

Apps that provide an alternate "app store" or "app ecosystem" will not be permitted for inclusion in Magic Leap World.

This doesn't take side loading apps off the table but it means Magic Leap will have strong control over what goes on the device. This isn't great news but for a nascent  platform it isn't a terrible thing. If they gain popularity let's hope they open things up a bit more and allow people to truely own their device.