Magic Leap Quick Hits: Magic Leap will have a modern permission system

We have gone from a dearth of information to a glut of it. The new magic leap documentation has revealed pretty much everything there is to know about Magic Leap and it is too much for this poor blog to keep up with. I'm going to be writing some quick hits. Small stories that pin point particularly interesting features that can be found in the Magic Leap documentation.

Magic Leap will have a permission system similar to that found in any smart phone today. 

Apps must request permission from the user to access a given privilege at the time where the privilege is first required

This means apps will not be able to access features of the device that are considered sensitive without asking permission first. While in some cases this means that an app might have to start up and present the user with a series of popups it does mean users will know explicitly what is being accessed. 

While this has been common on Android and iOS for some time, it didn't guarentee that it would be present in Magic Leap. Magic Leap has repeatedly commented on how concerned they are with privacy and this policy bears that out.