Magic Leap Quick Hits: Magic Leap will not force you to watch ads to get content

We have gone from a dearth of information to a glut of it. The new magic leap documentation has revealed pretty much everything there is to know about Magic Leap and it is too much for this poor blog to keep up with. I'm going to be writing some quick hits. Small stories that pin point particularly interesting features that can be found in the Magic Leap documentation.

Advertising in mixed reality could be a disaster. Unfortunately, it is certainly going to happen. So the best thing we can hope for is a considered approach.  

 Magic Leap has put down some strict rules regarding advertising

Ads must not be required to unlock application functionality. This does not preclude getting premium content for accepting advertising as long as there is also a paid option to not get advertising. Access to content that can only be enabled by the acceptance of advertising is prohibited.

This shows that you can have ads but you are forced to provide a pay option as well. Developers are not allowed to block things off with ads alone. This is a nice option that means we won't be forced by companies to shove ads in our face. It also allows for folks with less disposable income to experience content without needing to pay in cases where the developer enables ads.

All in all, good news for those concerned about advertising on the Magic Leap One.