That elusive Magic Leap release date

I suspect Magic Leap is planning to launch their first product next fall/winter.  The evidence for this is shaky but I don't think it is an unreasonable guess. We know they are going to show us more "soon-ish".  While that could mean anything I hope means within ~1 year. We also hear rumours about Magic Leap being involved in the film "Ready Player One" which premieres early 2018 pinning that as the latest date for Magic Leap to release. They are at the stage of doing experimental production runs and are actively debugging their production line. They are hiring people to test development kits, design packaging, manage FCC compliance among many other positions that are all required towards the later stages of product development. This all points towards a plan to release late next year. But plans are just that. Plans.

No one knows when Magic Leap is going to release their first product. No one. Not even Magic Leap. They have a timeline likely of next fall but the complexity of what they are building means that delays are inevitable.  Not just 'we under estimated the amount of time it would take' delays but 'fundamental assumptions that we made are not working out' sort of delays. These are the sorts of delays that you only get when toying with brand new ideas and technology. These are the delays that put you back an entire year. This is the reason it takes so long to make new things.  It is why most companies don't bother.

When will we be playing this?

When will we be playing this?

We should expect these sorts of problems from Magic Leap.  There are troubling indications that they have already hit some road blocks. There are some less favourable Glassdoor reviews out there that point to a company hitting growing pains.  (To be fair, glassdoor is not the best source for these sorts of things.  If someone is let go they might just be feeling a bit salty.) Further, a legal dispute such as the one between Magic Leap and  Gary Bradski is never a good sign. We have also seen a number of employees leaving Magic Leap recently though as the company matures employee turn over should be expected.  

None of these problems point towards disaster.  In fact, they seem pretty typical for a fast growing company.  But they can lead to distractions and delays.  So while I think Rony Abovitz wants his first product to hit store shelves next fall there is a good chance we will be waiting until 2018 before we see what is really going on behind those closed doors.  

When do you think Magic Leap will launch
First Half 2017
Second Half 2017
First Half 2018
Second Half 2018